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About Us

Arcstone is a business and commercially focused law firm located in the heart of Vancouver, British Columbia. We bring experience, skill, and diligence in advising our clients. At Arcstone, we are focused on helping our clients transcend their personal, business, and commercial challenge by offering a valued approach to analysing their legal needs and developing situationally appropriate legal solutions that helps them achieve their desired result.


The firm prides itself in its ability to provide services that are anchored on a thorough understanding of our clients’ case, situation, personal needs, and industry (including the applicable laws, rules, regulations, regulators, and industry players). Importantly, we are committed to helping clients reach their long and short term goals by leveraging our lawyer’s many years of carefully honed skills and experience.


Arcstone's technology driven, innovative solutions and bespoke approach to legal advice and law practice stands us out. The firm's individualised client management approach makes Arcstone a first choice for our clients even as we strive always, to uphold the rules that govern our practice. In providing legal advice, we deploy some of the brightest minds in the industry, honed by experience, discipline and continuous learning.


At Arcstone, we strive for client satisfaction and deliver our services professionally, with the candour and respect that the profession demands, using our ability to express technical ideas, concepts and solutions in the simplest way. Our practice areas include litigation, immigration law, employment law, business law, real estate law, personal injury claims, consumer rights claim, notarial services and HR document templates. 

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