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Real Estate Law

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At Arcstone, we offer legal advice and representation to sellers, buyers, lessors or lessees and real estate investors. We advise on residential and commercial real estate transactions and help clients who buy, sell and refinance properties anywhere in British Columbia. 


We understand that with real estate transactions, surprises are risks and no client wants surprises in the middle of their real estate transactions. We give careful attention to the minute details of each deal. We are prompt in handling your transactions and are committed to helping you close on your deal.


We communicate effectively, and with Arcstone Law, you can be confident of getting the critical supports you need to close your real estate deals whether you are a first time buyer, seller or a real estate investor.

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Property Sale


We help sellers navigate the property sale transaction. We prepare documents for the sale and  transfer of ownership of the property and complete the forms for the filing of property transfer tax and any applicable exemptions.

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